How to approach writing a student resume for college

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I recently ran into a parent of a high school senior.  Their student had an appointment with his guidance counselor to discuss his plans for college and what teachers he would ask for a letter of recommendation.  His guidance counselor also asked him to prepare a resume to supplement his college applications.  Both the parent and student expressed concern as to how to prepare a resume for a student who has limited or no work experience.

Tips on how to approach the task of creating a resume for your high school student

Create a list

• After school and summer jobs (paid or unpaid)
• Leadership positions (in and outside of school)
• Team Sports (in and outside of school)
• Organizations and Clubs
• Community Service


  • What duties and responsibilities each of the “jobs/roles” perform?
  • What skills might these jobs/roles require?
  • Clubs or Organizations: what is their mission? What role(s) do you play in its mission?
  • Community Service; what is their mission? What role(s) and tasks did you perform?
  • How were others effected by you carrying out your role?

Here are some examples of job student jobs and related skills

Life guard

• Enforced water safety and swim club rules
• Provided surveillance of guests of (XYZ Swim Club)
• Maintained a safe environment and enjoyable experience for both swimmers and non-swimmers
• Provided immediate action in cases of distressed swimmers


• Leadership
• Communication
• Attention to detail
• Problem Solving
• Conflict resolution
• Critical thinking
• Ability to assess situations and take fast appropriate action
• Able to work independently and in groups
• Ability to make quick decisions and respond accordingly
• Conflict resolution

Waiter/Waitress/Retail/Farm Stand Worker

• Provided friendly customer service
• Demonstrated knowledge of menu and drink selections
• Assisted guests with food and drink choices
• Placed and delivered orders in a timely fashion
• Maintained restaurant cleanliness and appearance
• Performed side duties
• Handled large sums of money

Skills and Competencies

• Customer Service
• Communication
• Listening
• Organizational
• Attention to detail
• Teamwork
• Time management
• Ability to handle multiple priorities
• Marketing and Sales
• Mathematical

Summer Camp Counselor/Babysitter

• Organized age appropriate group activities
• Maintained a fun and safe environment
• Accountable for campers in my group
• Encouraged camper participation
• Resolved conflicts and promoted teamwork

Skills and Competencies

• Leadership
• Creativity
• Patience
• Communication
• Attentive
• Organization
• Problem Solving

Newspaper/Pizza Deliverer

• Organized and prepared orders for transport
• Transported deliveries to customers
• Calculated travel route
• Provided delivery in a timely fashion
• Collected payment from customers
• Accountable for payments received

Skills and Competencies

• Dependable
• Planning and logistics
• Time Management
• Communication
• Money management

Dance School Student

• Trained in the style of Balanchine
• Performed various roles in the Nutcracker Ballet
• Learned and danced complex variations
• Member of the competitive dance team

Skills and Competencies

• Time management
• Dedication
• Discipline
• Creativity
• Teamwork
• Stress management

Remember – Resumes are used to learn more about the individual and what she/he has done.

Of course, make sure to include the following information:
• Your name
• Mailing address
• Phone number
• Email address
• Name of High School (Do not abbreviate)
• Month and year of graduation
• GPA or Rank if available
• Rigorous coursework taking and completed in high school (such as AP, honors, math, lab science, and college level coursework, etc.)
• National Honor Society, PSAT, SAT or ACT scores (as deemed necessary/of importance/or relevance)
• Employment
• Leadership/Organizations
• Clubs/Teams
• Extracurricular Activities

Stay positive!   Good luck!





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