Spotlight on Susan Weatherly, College Search Consultant!

Susan’s background and expertise in the fields of College Recruitment, Admissions and Enrollment extends over three decades. She has worked for public open door two year colleges, public four year colleges, private selective and competitive as well as proprietary colleges. She has served as a campus tour guide, college admissions recruiter, admissions counselor, assistant director of admissions, director of admissions, director of enrollment services, academic advisor, freshman honors program student advisor, supervisor of student success managers, coordinator of high school early admissions program, and admissions liaison for various specialized academic programs. In addition, her experiences enabled her to serve as an active participant in many student task-force and institutional committees.

Susan Weatherly

Susan has earned numerous recognition and awards for professionalism and expertise in the field of college admissions, she has been such as the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service.

Her work with student populations is quite extensive. These student groups include but are not limited to; middle school and high school students, high school graduates, GED recipients, non-high school graduates, homeschoolers, underrepresented students, students with special needs, veterans, active service members, career changers, adults, traditional, non-traditional, and international students. Susan recognizes that each student group and each individual student has their own concerns, plans and goals. As an empathetic listener, she hears, addresses and offers information that is relevant to each student and their family individual educational needs and desires when searching and selecting a college.

The college search processes can be challenging and stressful, however having the right information, guidance and support along the way, the college search can be a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Susan’s experiences as a admissions professional enables her to bring both the college perspective and the issues, frustration, and concerns that students and their families experience in carrying out the various processes of their college search. Susan’s aim is to provide the information and guidance to her clients so that that they are in a better position to navigate through the processes of college search and decision making. She takes a proactive approach in working with students and their families in their understanding of the college decision making process This includes identifying career goals and educational plans for the student, developing strategies for the classroom and student success, identifying career fields and colleges that are good matches for the student, navigating the college search process; campus visits, college fairs, meetings for campus representatives, campus visit coordination, admissions requirements, application, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, such as the NYS Excelsior Scholarship, campus resources and enrollment processes.

Susan believes information and understanding is powerful component of the college search as it provides the fuel to make sound decisions. Steps To College provides it’s clients not only the tools to make sound decisions, but strategies for student responsibility and success.

Susan Weatherly

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