5 Tips To Impress Before, During & After Your Campus Visit

        Stepping foot on a college campus is an important component of the College Search. This visit not only provides for the opportunity get a sense of the campus, it reinforces your interest in the college. Your visit can move you up the the admissions interest ladder from an inquiry to a prospective student.  As a prospective student your visit is a “call to action,” and to the admissions team it shows you are actively considering their college.  Having served as a college tour guide, admissions recruiter and a director of admissions, let me give you some tips that will impress the Admissions team before, during and after your college campus visit.

  1.  Schedule your campus visit with the Admissions Office: Scheduling your visit alerts the admissions staff that you have included their college in your college search. Providing your name and information also enables the admissions staff to make a record your interest.
  2.  Student should sign-in upon arrival for your visit: Admissions officers have an expectation that the student will sign-in upon their visit.  College students are entrusted with many responsibilities.  The student sign-in is a demonstration of the student’s initiative to take on responsibility. Also, many colleges make note of your attendance in your file.
  3. Don’t lag behind: Stay close to your tour guide. You will be able to hear better and your chances of being noticed will increase.  Your placement among the group will position you to ask the questions that will help you with your college search.
  4.  Ask questions: Whether your tour guide is an admissions officer or a student, the tour is a chance to informally ask questions.  In most cases your guide has memorized a script. Questions are welcomed and help to break up the monotony of the scripted information.  Both parents and students are encouraged to ask questions.  After tours, the guides often share observations from their tours with the Director of Admissions.
  5. Introduce yourself to the tour guide and other students on your tour: Your introduction will help to build a connection with your tour guide and the others on tour. This simple task enables you to stand out among the crowd. After your visit follow up with a short email to the Director of Admissions. Your email should acknowledge your tour guide by name, and reinforce what you learned from your visit to the college. Your follow up will not only favorably recognize the efforts of your tour guide, it will provide you another opportunity to get your name and interest noticed.










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